Silk, ramie, linen, wool - these are fabrics we truly love and use throughout Mellow Concept Store. Find out why they found a place in our hearts and shop!


Silk, ramie, linen, wool - these are fabrics we truly love and use throughout Mellow Concept Store. Find out why they found a place in our hearts and shop!

We've always placed a great care in fabrics that we choose to wear - whether it's a t-shirt, a dress or a coat that should last for years to come. That being said, we've even became more picky in this regard as freshly baked mamas - because it matters so much more what you put on this delicious and super sensitive newborn skin!

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that choosing which materials we'll work with was super important to us - after all we are Mellow Concept Store's most demanding customers!

Take a moment to read up which fabrics - apart from beloved sheepskin (which you'll read all about here) - we've decided to work with and why!



 We've always been in love with silk - because how can you not?! From Chinese emperors to Roman nobles, silk has been said to be the queen of fabrics for thousands of years. And rightly so! Made from cocoons spun by silkworms, it's not only naturally hypoallergenic but also the most gentle fabric for sensitive skin. In the same manner as wool and sheepskin, it keeps you fresh in summer and warm in winter. It is lightweight and luxurious - there is no other material so beautiful to look at and soft to touch. Lastly, it is perfect for keeping your skin hydrated and plump - which means it is anti-aging as added bonus!



Fairly unknown, ramie is a natural fabric derived from nettles. It's been grown in China for thousands of years and it is believed to be used in Egypt for wrapping mummies. Ramie is a linen-like fabric, extremely absorbent, breathable and lightweight, making it especially desired to wear during hot and humid summer time. Additionally, it is well known for it's ability to hold shape and being less wrinkle-prone than linen. But most importantly, ramie is said to be sustainable fabric as it's growing doesn't require pesticides or herbicides and much less water than e.g. cotton.  





Good 'old' linen is always a wonderful choice! Beloved during summer due to its breathability and cooling effects, it is a great choice for clothing as well as tableware, curtains, bedding...  just try sleeping in a linen duvet during hot summer and you'll be convinced! Additionally, linen is strong, naturally moth resistant and made from flax plant fibers, so when untreated (i.e. not dyed) it is fully biodegradable. In fact, it has been shown that linen actually gets stronger after being washed, making it the strongest natural fiber overall. It was used as currency in ancient Egypt and has been traced back to 8000 BC, proving its durability and value. 


 We are great fans of wool and wear it throughout the year! Somehow wool got reputation of being good only during colder season - but let's not forget that it has (as sheepskin) thermoregulation properties which means it keeps you cool during summer heat and warm comes the chill! Some people fear wool being coarse or itchy on the skin - true, some types of wool in the past were to be worn only by the bravest or if you were in need of a proper body scrub. But nowadays, wool is one of softest and most pleasant materials to be worn - especially virgin or merino wool. On top of that, it is all natural fiber, weatherproof, dries fast, it's odor resistant and renewable (grows on the backs of our beloved sheep) - what else would you wish for?!


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