Product Care Information

Due to the fact that all our products are made with special materials - sheepskin, wool, silk, linen - there are certain precautions to be taken while caring for these. 


An outer layer of woolskin fibres is layered with wax called lanolin. In addition to making fibers smooth, lanolin inhibits allergen growth by making dust, dirt, and liquids harder to penetrate. That means that sheepskin is naturally dirt repellent and easy to clean and upkeep. Isn't that just great news?

That being said, we do not recommend putting the sheepskin into washing machine nor fully hand-washing it.

Follow below tips to keep your rugs fresh for a long time!

  • REFRESH ITOnce in a while you should air out the rug outside and give it a thourough shake! Then brush the hair to make it fluffly and soft again. The best brush to do so is a standard dog bristle brush (with metal spikes) - you will get it in any pet store.
  • STAIN REMOVAL: Small stains can be removed with a sponge dipped in a wool detergent mixed with water. This is best done immediately after the little stain accident happened. Afterwards leave the rug in the room temperature to air dry it (in the shadow) ... and voila! Good as new!
  • CLEAN ITIt happens rarely that you'd need to give your sheepskin a full wash. Still, if you accidentally spill bottle of that red wine all over sheepskin - remember it can only be washed by a dry cleaning company. Never put your rug in a washing machine - this will ruin it!
  • PICK A RIGHT SPOT: Avoid prolonged sun exposure as this will result in discoloration of your rug. Our rugs thrive in a shadow, away from too much moisture.


A lot of our clothes are made with either virgin wool or merino wool. Caring for all kinds of wool is fairly the same - refer to our tips below.Good news is, as with sheepskin - wool is naturally dirt and smell repellent so it is not as half hard to care about as you might think!

  • REFRESH ITMany times you'll just get away with airing out your woolen clothes. Just take it out and let the wind and fresh air do the job. Try to keep it away from sun tough, to avoid discoloration
  • STAIN REMOVAL: Small stains can be removed with a sponge dipped in a wool detergent mixed with water. This is best done immediately after the little stain accident happened. Afterwards leave the garment in the room temperature to air dry it flat (in the shadow) ... and voila! Good as new!
  • WASH IT: If washing is needed, best to hand wash it in lukewarm water with special wool detergent. If you prefer to throw it into washing machine, choose special wool mode only (20°) - but we still would reccomend hand washing. Avoid prolongued soaking of the fabric. Absolutely no tumble drying - air dry only in flat position.
  • GIVE IT A SHAVE: Once in a while it is good to give your woolen clothes a shave to get rid of these little furry balls appearing as you use it. We use a special garment shaver for that and it is worth getting one to keep all your woolen clothes in best condition ever!


There's nothing quite like silk - but caring for it might not be the easiest. Still, all your efforts will be rewarded once you put that silky, flowing garment back on!

Never ever tumble dry your silk clothes nor wash it in hot / warm water. Use only cold water while dealing with silk.

  • STAIN REMOVAL: Apply gentle detergent over the problem area and gently rub it with a sponge until the stain is removed. Rinse with cold water only
  • COLD WATER ONLY: especially if the silk has been dyed. If hot water is applied, the color might bleed excessively. That being said, dyed silk will alwys lose a bit of color over time - there's no preventing it. But if treated with love, it will last us long time.
  • WASH IT: If washing is needed, gently hand wash it in cold water with delicate detergent. Leave to air dry.