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Greige Natural Sheepskin Car Seat / Stroller Liner

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Greige Natural Sheepskin Car Seat / Stroller Liner

Super soft sheepskin insert made from 100% natural lambskin in a stunning shade of ivory with ramie finish at the bottom.

Treat your adorable plus one to a comfy ride in the car seat or a stroller, fluffy bounce in her bouncer or stunning playmat on the go! Wherever and however you need it, your snuggler is there with you!

The snuggler fits any car seat, stroller or bouncer thanks to its unique cut-out shape that accomodates any straps.

Our luxury sheepskin insert keeps your babe at optimal temperature no matter the season! It keeps it warm when cold and fresh during summer heat thanks to sheepskins superpower of thermoregulation. Additionally, it is naturally hypoallergenic as well as minimizing bacteria and other pathogens - all so that your little babe can sleep safely & soundly !

The whole tanning process of sheepskin used for snugglers is completed on our side - we use only vegetable based chemicals and are sure it is done properly and environmentally friendly.

Please note that the snuggler is made with natural sheepskin so there might be slight variances in shade of sheepskin hair or length than ones displayed on pictures.

Greige Natural Sheepskin Car Seat / Stroller Liner