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Natural Sheepskin Pet Cave - Black

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Natural Sheepskin Pet Cave - Black

Super soft and fluffy pet cave / bed made from 100% natural sheepskin rug!

With a cotton base, zip closure and generously filled with scraps of wool and leather, it is a perfect comfy bed for your four legged friend. And fully non-toxic!
We guarantee that your pet will absolutely love it - it’s fluffy, scrumptious and all natural, full of amazing textures and smell that your dog or cat will truly fall in love with!

The cave model is especially suited for cats who enjoy a bit more privacy as well as dogs who like to snuggle and hide under as many soft blankets (or sheepskin!) as possible.
We have the whippet and he absolutely loooves to hide inside this cave - we can finally claim back our bedsheets and favourite blankets!

The whole tanning process of sheepskins is completed on our side - we use only vegetable based chemicals and are sure it is done properly and environmentally friendly.

Please note that the bed is made with natural sheepskin so there might be slight variances in shade of sheepskin hair or length than ones displayed on pictures.

Product Details

  • Shape: round base with rounded canopy / cave. There is a thin pipe inside the canopy, supporting the hood (it stays open all the time)
  • Material: 100% sheepskin bed with a 100% cotton base; 
  • Filling of the base: leftovers from our production (scraps of wool and leather) 
  • Hair length: Medium (4-7cm); If you'd require any different hair length, please let us know
  • Color: black
  • Size: as per selection; Please note that you are selecting the diameter of the bed

The cave on our listing pictures is size - 80 cm. 
For standard sized cats we recommend size 50 cm.

Specific heights (in the highest point) for each sizes:

- Diameter 100 cm; Height 70-75 cm

- Diameter 90 cm; Height 60-65 cm
- Diameter 80 cm: Height 50-55 cm
- Diameter 70 cm: Height 40-45 cm
- Diameter 60 cm: Height 30-35 cm
- Diameter 50 cm: Height 20-25 cm

Natural Sheepskin Pet Cave - Black