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Sencha - Chousei 長生 (Premium)

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Sencha - Chousei 長生 (Premium)

Presenting our premium Sencha, originating from the lush tea gardens of Uji, Kyoto region (Japan), carefully packed at the peak of the Uji Hachiju-Hachiya season.

These meticulously handpicked tea leaves, gently massaged to perfection, yield a delicately shiny appearance akin to needles. Savour the profound elegance and rich aroma of this tea to the fullest.

Due to its thorough rolling, the tea leaves may take some time to unfurl initially. Despite being a Sencha, it offers a taste reminiscent of Gyokuro, allowing you to enjoy its exquisite flavor.

With a sweetness rating of 3 out of 3, it's a perfect celebratory sencha, providing delicate and rich taste, alongside lush vibrant smell. 

Sencha - Chousei 長生 (Premium)

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