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Waterproof Coat with Wool - Khaki

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Waterproof Coat with Wool - Khaki

Introducing our Unisex Full-Length Waterproof Coat, your ultimate ally against the chilly, wet days of autumn and winter! Exquisitely designed to harmonize practicality with style, this coat is ingeniously crafted with a pioneering waterproof outer layer, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable during those unpredictable rain showers and snowy spells.

Nestled inside, a plush inner layer of merino wool doesn’t just offer an incredibly soft touch, but also boasts a plethora of benefits. Wool inherently provides excellent insulation, effectively trapping body heat even when the temperatures plunge. It also naturally regulates body temperature, ensuring you stay snug without overheating, and manages moisture with its ability to absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp.

Furthermore, wool is renowned for being anti-bacterial and odor-resistant, keeping you fresh throughout your wear.

We're thrilled to introduce a matching waterproof set for kids, keeping your little ones toasty and dry in a miniature, equally stylish version of the adult coat.

Now, the whole family can embrace the colder seasons, enveloped in warmth and safeguarded from the elements. Embrace the winter wonderland and autumnal adventures with security and style in our new waterproof coats!

Outer fabric: 55% polyester, 45% polyurethane; 

Lining: 100% merino wool

Color: Khaki

Waterproof Coat with Wool - Khaki